Firehawk WebSuite

Firehawk WebSuite is an optimized stack of Apache, MySQL and PHP. The goal is to provide high performance, easy-to-deploy and stable web server environment for Microsoft Windows operating systems. While the original developers are officially supporting Windows, webmasters and web developers have to deal with many problems such as installation errors, poor performance, compatibility issues and poor stability. Firehawk WebSuite is the solution! Webmasters and web developers can now run heavily loaded websites on Microsoft Windows-based servers.

Installing Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows can be a serious pain in the butt. You have to edit many configuration files and find workarounds to known compatibility issues just to get it to work without a hitch or undocumented errors. With Firehawk WebSuite, you can get it all running only in a few seconds without the need of editing configuration files or looking for workarounds. In addition, Firehawk WebSuite includes Alternative PHP Cache and tweaked configuration files for maximum performance and stability.

List of Components:
* Apache HTTP Server 2.2.10
* MySQL Community Server 5.0.67
* PHP 5.2.6
* APC 3.0.17
* phpMyAdmin

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