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Poll: Will you upgrade to Windows 8?
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Will you upgrade to Windows 8?

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Will you upgrade to Windows 8?
Old 22 November 2012, 02:54   #1
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Now after Microsoft released Windows 8 to stores worldwide. So what do you think? Will you upgrade?
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Old 22 November 2012, 03:29   #2
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Nope. NEVER...
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Old 22 November 2012, 22:50   #3
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Not until MetroUI is removed. Mobile operating systems need to stay on mobile devices.
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Old 22 November 2012, 22:57   #4
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heheeheheh Love that pool.

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Old 22 November 2012, 23:09   #5
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"Ale urwał" xD ha ha ha ha

No, i will not upgrade, pointless to me, brings no performance boost and because of moder ui is unusable to me.

Of course, windows 8 has some nice options which i like but modern ui is absolutely not ergonomic and annoying in work and common usage. I like ribbon in explorer, copying/moving files, task manager but it is not enough to make me jump into moving blocks I'm not such a tetris fan

If windows 8 sells will keep in current state they will add ribbon to explorer in windows 7 and also will bring to this one task manager from windows 8.
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Old 23 November 2012, 05:28   #6
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Probably not, I really don't see any need to. Plus I do not like the MetroUI. Who wants to bet that Microsoft will pay to have a popular game locked to only run on windows 8, Like they tired with vista and halo 2. And then people found out how to make halo 2 run on xp LOL.
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Old 23 November 2012, 06:26   #7
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I upgraded 1 of my home systems, my partners along with a new SSD drive. Made a world of difference to their system.

Booting from cold, 5-6 seconds on bios, and about 3-4 on O.S. to being fully useable.

SSD has made a big difference, but they were on Vista, so the O.S. made a big difference too, no unnescessary paging/harrasment of the disk.

Win 8 has a few irritations, but they are very easily bypassed, you can configure it any way you like, so I don't see any "REAL" reasons for the objections. It still has a desktop, as accessable as you like. In most things it is faster. It seems solid in all regards. It has extra stuff Win 7 doesn't. Some "apps" are good. It utilises hardware better for simple things such as drawing UI elements. All good.

The new start screen, is the start menu, and you can flick from it to desktop as easy as flicking the start menu open and closed. There are shortcuts for everything, so you can just use your keyboard if you prefer.

I do think MS would have done better to make things like start menu optional (so autistics didn't freak), and to make boot to desktop or start screen a preference, again so the autistics didn't cry.
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Old 27 November 2012, 13:14   #8
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Dual Boot for now at home but at work I use Windows 8 on a laptop and I'm getting used to.
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Old 13 December 2012, 13:59   #9

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Need an additional choice: I updated to Windows 8, but dumped it and returned to my previous OS
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Old 13 December 2012, 23:33   #10

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Desktop on Win 8 is crippled. M$ have put form over function, which is stupid. Time to do a massive upgrade to Apple MacBook, and leave Windows8 in the dust, where it belongs.
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