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AMD Announces Radeon Software Crimson Edition
Old 2 November 2015, 21:15   #1
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Raja Koduri and Terry Makedon from AMD's Radeon Technologies Group unveil a software strategy and announce details of AMD's latest drivers, Radeon Software Crimson Edition.
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Old 23 November 2015, 15:23   #2

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This makes me want to buy nVidia only from now on.
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Old 28 November 2015, 04:46   #3
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Rege, I know I'm just beating a dead horse but can you just unlock the news forum so we can post news articles? What do you even care at this point? I love you man but you post like 5% of the interesting tech and gaming news on a good day, if you want this site to even have a hope of bouncing back then open it up.
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A move in the right direction, but they really should focus in further improve DX9-DX11 driver performance, it is lagging quite bad.
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