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Regeneration 7 February 2012 22:18

Ad-Aware Free
Ad-Aware Free features real-time protection, advanced Genocode detection technology, rootkit protection, automatic updates, and much more - to ensure that you have the power to protect yourself online. By combining Lavasoft's pioneer anti-spyware technology with traditional anti-virus protection, Ad-Aware Free now features complete malware protection, that won't slow your computer down.

Download: Ad-Aware Free

nCaine 8 February 2012 14:16

This is uber shit.

First after installation , You need to activate it , by providing email etc.

Second. The definition update not working (could not connect to update server)

Without the definitions you can't scan anything.

And for the last part , when I try to uninstall it. It hanged in the middle of the process, killed internet connection, and only way was to reboot.

So i advice to avoid it.

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