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Israeli Firm Claims Technological Breakthrough in PC Security
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An Israeli-based company Nyotron is preparing for the official launch and marketing of Paranoid, a technological breakthrough in dealing with threats and attacks on the personal computer and organizational network. Three years in development, it is a unique and innovative technology which may completely change everything that we know about detection and protection devices against computer threats. Nyotron is currently negotiating with several venture capitals and assesses their investments and level of involvement in subsequent development and marketing procedures. So far, $3 million have been put into the development of this software. Within the last three years, no fewer than three patents have been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and are currently in an advanced pending state.

Paranoid technology operates in real-time within the operating system’s core (the kernel). Upon installation, it becomes a part of the operating system, and its activity analysis is based solely on the kernel’s functions (a moment before they are executed). The analysis is based on a novel programming language developed at Nyotron – the first-ever language designated to logically represent the normativity of applicative behavior. Using this language, Paranoid knows how to contextually map all actions in the computer and rank their threat level at each step of their operation – with respect to the previous actions performed. This way, Paranoid understands the order of the actions, their context, and their normativity. Paranoid’s algorithm for ranking the threat level in real-time is called O(1), which means – it uses a minimal amount of computer resources.

Paranoid requires a paradigm shift of more than a decade-old paradigm. No more antiviruses, antispams, etc. These require creating signatures and updating them in a database. Paranoid is the first technology in the world developed to actively protect from most types of computer threats, particularly those which cannot be detected today. At the core of this technology is an understanding and implementation of a new approach to “behavioral analysis”. Essentially, this is the genesis of understanding the equivalent in nature of “good” and “bad” in computerized actions.

Unlike all other contemporary warning and defense solutions – solutions which cannot differentiate an action generated by normative software from one that was performed by a virus (unless it had a signature written specifically by an information security firm) – Paranoid technology can analyze the computer’s behavior at each step. That way the application can prevent malicious actions before they happen, without requiring any action or previous knowledge about the threat. The software can successfully handle anything from e-mail infecting worms to a globally coordinated cyber-attack.

At the head of Nyotron stands Nir Gaist, current CTO. Gaist founded Nyotron in 2004 and is considered one of the youngest albeit experienced information security experts working in Israel and around the globe, with a record of hundreds and thousands of hacking and penetration testing operations to business institutions around the world. Gaist, only 23 years old, is even known around the hacking community as the one who ten years ago, at 13, carried out projects for Microsoft and became a close advisor to its managers Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Gaist is an autodidact that quit school in junior high, but managed at the age of 10 to take several courses in the Israel Institute of Technology, and at 17 developed and taught courses in information security in a program led by the Israeli Ministry of Education. For several years, Gaist has been and still is a senior information security consultant to Israel’s security authorities.

“We have been looking for and developing new directions in technology, designed to gracefully handle concrete threats on the computing world and now, when we are moments before the official launch, we are very excited. As security people, we are not used to grand exposure and involving external groups in our internal procedures, but this unique development compelled us to have ourselves inspected by the leaders of the security industry worldwide, in order to guarantee that we are indeed on the verge of a major technological breakthrough. So far, we have held dozens of meetings and demonstrations to senior security experts and the responses, as well as the partnership offers, amaze us every time. We sincerely believe and hope that through the software we developed, we will succeed in allowing a new PC user experience – one that will be quicker, efficient, effective and much more protected than the one possible today.”

In developing the technology were involved senior authorities in the local and international information security industry, including: Dr. Taher El-Gamal – developer of the SSL protocol, and Amit Melzer – formerly a senior member of the intelligence and security community.

Melzer, who inspected the system, noted in his evaluation report to potential investors that Nyotron belongs to a new breed of security solutions, which suppose that it is impossible to hermetically protect oneself from zero-day exploits or APT’s, not to mention malicious code injections by authorized employees. “Instead of fortifying the defenses on the network’s gateways or on analyzing and detecting each piece of malicious code, Nyotron chose to define ‘normative code’ and built a mechanism that detects the normative behavior of an application and warns about each deviation and activity that make no applicative sense, and are therefore related to the activity of malicious code.

“That way, Nyotron can warn and even prevent code activity, without knowing how it penetrated the network, its purpose, where it came from, and to which program or infrastructure component it latched on in order to conceal itself. The technological development frames the malware through its irregular behavior pattern, and thus provides a strong and wide protection belt, complementing the communications security arrays and data leakage prevention mechanisms dispersed in the organizational network’s gateways.”

Even now, before the official launch, manufacturers show great interest in this unique technological development. Assimilating Paranoid in the operating systems and hardware of the personal computer allows a more efficient use of the system’s resources, using the same specifications, without modifying a single component. Additionally, the high accuracy and quality level guaranteed by the software in protecting the system, renders useless the use of hardening and security applications for software and hardware.

We would like to thank Einat Meyron of Meyron Marketing Communication for submitting this press release.

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too bad, considering this is really nothing more than HIPS, it only works on XP, an operating system that has no more support.

fail before launch.
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