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Rage Graphics Comparison: PC vs. Consoles
Old 5 October 2011, 19:03   #1
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Image courtesy of Size Five Games

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Let me guess, dos graphics is popular again?
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And if you will ask WHAT, I will answer you POMPA
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Originally Posted by blindartist View Post
considering John himself said the pc has higher res resources
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streaming textures ... the purest bullshit ever created on consoles that ended up on PCs
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How much you wana' bet some console die hard fan is going to see this and get a sense of self importance
boo high prices.
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I wonder what the game spy people were smoking to post THESE RAGE PC SCREENSHOTS

I will post mine once the post man has delivered the game today.
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Learn to take a joke guys
The game will likely be patched up, anyways. On consoles, it could be a hardware limitation. Even there, it might get fixed. Having said that, how da heck did did mess pass through QA? O_O
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