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Western Digital Comments on Caviar Green Critical Design Flaw Article
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Daniel Mauerhofer, Head of EMEA PR in Western Digital has sent us a comment regarding the Critical Design Flaw Found in WD Caviar Green HDDs article. "What you have described as a “critical design flaw” in a recent article is rather a misuse of a drive, which was not designed for the referenced system type. In summary, this issue is far from critical, does not impair normal functionality or place data at risk, can be mitigated with a utility for the small percentage of systems affected, and is a well understood industry standard.

This design feature is designed for power savings in systems that can take advantage of the Idle 3 mode. With the heads parked in Idle 3 mode, a typical WD Caviar Green drive with 4 platters saves an additional 400mW of power, which is roughly 10% of the power consumed in Idle 2 mode. This has been a standard feature of modern notebook drives.

Many OS’s, including Windows, have been modified to take advantage of this power savings mode (which has been standardized by the T10 and T13 committees) by eliminating a sync operation that occurred every 30 to 60 seconds regardless of host or user inactivity.

The systems in which you are referencing that are reporting the issue has not been modified appropriately, and for these systems, the Idle 3 feature should be turned off.

The WD Caviar Green drives are not recommended for and are not warranted for use in RAID environments utilizing Enterprise HBAs and/or expanders, nor in multi-bay chassis, as they are not designed for, nor tested in, these specific types of RAID applications. For all Business Critical RAID applications, please consider WD’s Enterprise Hard Drives, which are specifically designed with RAID-specific, time-limited error recovery (TLER), are tested extensively in 24x7 RAID applications, and include features like enhanced RAFF technology and thermal extended burn-in testing. The Idle 3 feature can be disabled for those systems that are unable to take advantage of this power savings mode. WD has always provided applications engineering assistance to system integrators to maximize system performance while also minimizing the amount of power consumed by our hard drives."

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I don't recall them ever saying that the green model was not meant to be used in RAID.
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I have a MSI FX600 laptop that have a WD 500GB ref. WD5000BEVT-22A0RT0 and the "clicking sound" of disk is really annoying! I don't know what is that application of they are talking about to turn it off, the only way that I found in first place was to use the application that you mention in the previous article and modified weidle3 to S300 but the "clicking sound" continues and I had to install a little but really effective application named quietHDD to modify APM and AAM settings on disk to "quiet" that freakin' annoying sound.

So, I'd like to know of this WD people how could I disable it?

Best regards.
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Originally Posted by darthcyclonis View Post
I don't recall them ever saying that the green model was not meant to be used in RAID.
The do have certified drives for RAID. Green, Blue, Black are designed for single operation (they still can work in RAID but that is not recommended). Others manufacturers too have "RAID" line of HDDs. Usually they have R or RAID in their model names.
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It is the first time, i read here any missbehavors about the WD CAVIAR GREEN HDDs.

BUT i use them since nearly 2 or 3 year now (first on a RAID with 2x WD5000AADS).
NOW with a Intel ICH10R RAID on all levels 0/0+1/5/10 with 6x WD5000AADS.

I have BEFORE buy this HDDs, read all available informations at Western Digital homepage, about this new HDDs and what they can! also all about technics and many many more! BUT THERE WAS NONE INFORMATIONS ABOUT, WHERE THE USERS OF IT, SHOULDNT USE THEM (LIKE RAID OR ANY OTHERS)!!!

I know all technicals about RAIDs and i know all technicals about this WD-HDDs. I know i dont use this raid system to hardcore read/write on it. i dont need highspeed and more for it and so i have buy this HDDs with the think to make a faster & save RAID-System with more speed as normal, but with the ECO think. Thats the true not more and not lower.

At this time, i dont have many clicking sound (but i haved sometime such,now i know what is was!) or others, but i have found out, that i have sometimes, without any reasons, problems with loading or other thinks, how i think/know from hdd. but i am never come on such a idea/missbehavor with idle3 timer of 8 seconds... and i found out, that i have to stop the auto sleep mode in windows energy-save-settings.

It is any time the same methode of vendors... they creates new greatfull thinks and give only out, the good and nice infos. but months laters, users found out, whats vendors never will have know or say the user have buy a false product for that he will/have used it!

AND WELL ALSO EVERYTIME, have an vendor make a misstake, they talks around and give all others the should! PLEASE VENDORs END THIS! SAY SORRY, make a Patch/HELP/or somethink to resolve the problems for the users! this will bring much more and users wont forgett such a friendly vendor/bussines...

AND last words: i like Werstern Digital, they have realy good products. some failures can make anyone, we are all only humans, no machines... More informations on documents, with a extra area, how readers can directly/informt, how this device is the best to use and where it shouldnt better not used for... The same should also view/see-able direct on the websites... THX
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Old 9 December 2012, 12:48   #6

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As someone who has had 3 1tb WD Greens and 2 2tb WD Greens die over the last couple of years, all within warranty periods...

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Old 23 February 2013, 06:07   #7

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If the Caviar Green drives are not warranted for or designed to be used in RAID/multi-bay environments, why the heck do they supply them with their ShareSpace NAS unit?? I bought a WD ShareSpace a while back (4-bay) which came pre-filled with 4 x 1TB WD10EARS drives!!

Not only this, but I recently e-mailed WD about this to see whether I could use Caviar Red drives in the NAS, and got the reply "you can ONLY use Caviar Green drives"!!

Seems like a MAJOR design flaw to me!!!
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