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Antivirus Roundup for 2011
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When it comes to a PC, letís face it, every click brings us one step closer to some sort of random security breach. Whether itís a Trojan, an actual virus, phishing link (for identity theft), spam or any other kind of spyware that can access our PC and send out precious information or make the PC inoperable, PC users always have to be on alert. The simple reason for this is that Windows based computers still hold the largest global market share compared to Macs or Linux based machines. Oh, and donít kid yourself if you think the latter two are safe from any kind of intrusion; their user base is small enough not to warrant too much attention from hackers, otherwise they are just as vulnerable as regular PCs.

It comes as no surprise then that the Antivirus market has exploded in the last couple of years as each software manufacturer tries to come up with better security while hackers keep on coming with more intricate designs to penetrate said antivirus & firewall software. Itís an interesting cat & mouse game, but thatís not what Iím going to talk about today. As the New Year approaches, pretty much every antivirus developer has come up with the latest build of their security suite, so Iíll be looking at some of the software to see how good they really are.

In todayís test Iíll be looking at multiple aspects of the antivirus software to see not only how effective they are, but also how efficient they are at their job, all the while keeping things simple on surface for the average user to get by without getting overwhelmed with technical jargon that leads them to uninformed decisions.

Itís important to understand that the tests I have performed are not as comprehensive as av-comparatives because Tbreak is not a dedicated independent antivirus testing website with a whole team of testers on multiple PCs running virus tests in a closed off network. While av-comparatives do a more robust testing of the antivirus software in terms of effectiveness, Iíll be looking at the end-user experience and what they might encounter on a daily basis.

Read the entire article in Tbreak.
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