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Intel to Settle With Nvidia Over Chipset Lawsuit?
Old 15 November 2010, 09:48   #1
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There have been lots of rumblings lately about a settlement between Nvidia and Intel over the chipset lawsuit. SemiAccurate has now heard from multiple sources that a settlement has indeed been reached.

The whispers were confirmed when Patrick Wang, analyst for Wedbush-Morgan, said as much in his note this morning. Mr. Wang is a bit light on details though, saying only, "Lastly, we believe NVIDIA may be in process of settling with Intel, which would nicely pad its balance sheet."

The rumors that have been positively boiling out from one side however say that they, err, Nvidia, will be getting about $1 Billion out of the deal. Intel on the other hand will likely be getting licenses to Nvidia patents, and Intel is rumored to not have given up an 'x86 license' that Nvidia has been fishing for.

Read the entire article in SemiAccurate.
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Intel dragged this out long enough to kill Nvidia's chipset business. So what if they have to pay a billion or more in the settlement? They have eliminated a competitor and picked rights to a few patents.
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I think nvidia not making chipsets anymore is a good thing for everyone lol
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Agree on that one. Nvidia still makes OK IGP's though, can still get good performance out of the integrated 9400M on my 15" MBP.
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