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Nvidia: Hybrid PhysX Is Technically Impossible
Old 5 May 2010, 11:54   #1
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Nvidia Corporation has published the following on its PhysX FAQ: "Can I use an NVIDIA GPU as a PhysX processor and a non-NVIDIA GPU for regular display graphics? No. There are multiple technical connections between PhysX processing and graphics that require tight collaboration between the two technologies. To deliver a good experience for users, NVIDIA PhysX technology has been fully verified and enabled using only NVIDIA GPUs for graphics."
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Old 5 May 2010, 12:28   #2
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It was added in oct 2009 or so, as far as I remember, when hybrids were officially blocked
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Old 5 May 2010, 12:43   #3
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Bull freaking shit.
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Old 5 May 2010, 13:13   #4
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I can't believe they have posted that BS on their FAQ. Same BS they tried to feed me last year. If that were the case as I pointed out to them the Ageia PhysX card should have never worked. The only difference is the PhysX software runs on top of CUDA in order to run the calculations on a GPU instead of a PPU.
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Old 5 May 2010, 14:45   #5

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Then explain how come people do this ALREADY with modified drivers...

And you used to be allowed to do it earlier without driver modification - before nVidia added a "oh chit it's ATI, disable PhysX" feature to their drivers.
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Old 5 May 2010, 16:03   #6

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This is BS. Comsumers should come first, it should be law!
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Old 5 May 2010, 16:34   #7

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Welp, that confirms it 100% for me. I am never going to purchase Nvidia ever again. If they don't want to play nice and flat out lie to their customers then I won't support them in the slightest. ATI4LIFE
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Old 5 May 2010, 17:15   #8
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bullshit lol
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Old 5 May 2010, 18:01   #9
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nShitia is sick
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Old 5 May 2010, 18:25   #10

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Looks like another step in the down fall of Nvidia. Intel has already put a stop to their motherboards. Add to that the poor performance of Fermi per watt. Didn't see this coming, as of a few years ago they where on top now they are cliff diving to the bottom. Maybe 3DFX is a death touch.
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