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Seasonic M12D 850w Power Supply Review
Old 26 December 2008, 16:31   #1
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Recently, a lot of fantastic units have been coming out around the 850W mark. Case in point, the Antec Signature 850W and the Corsair TX850 I reviewed last week. Now, Seasonic has decided they want into this market, and have sent me the brand new M12D 850W as proof of how serious they are about it. Let's get started with a few of the usual box pictures, and then we'll let my SM-268 load tester find out how serious Seasonic really is.

Going by the box picture above, I'd have to say things are looking good already, for it bears a prominent 80 Plus silver logo on the front. Also present are an nVidia SLI ready logo, a Sanyo Denki logo with a picture of a fan on it, and a weird little diagram that seems to suggest that the unit uses DC to DC conversion for coming up with the 3.3V and 5V rails.

"The Ultimate Modular Gaming Power Supply," crows the box in proud white lettering. You let me be the judge of that, Mr. M12D. Look over there... see that? See my Antec SG-850 frowning at you? It doesn't think you can do it. But, I'm sure going to let you try... after all, I did throw down a challenge to see if there was any company out there who could do better than that unit.

You can read the entire article at JonnyGuru.
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The Seasonic M12D came promising the moon, the stars, and even the Starship Enterprise with which to explore them by, and for the most part the voyage is a successful one. Excellent stability combined with extremely high efficiency on top of outstanding ripple and noise suppression makes this unit one to watch.

The Good:

* extremely efficient
* good voltage regulation
* very quiet fan
* nice sleeving job

The Bad:

* low frequency boogie woogie ripple on the 12V rails (if you can really call 40mV bad)
The meat of the review.
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