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Today's violence infested world
Old 25 November 2008, 20:19   #41
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Originally Posted by technogiant View Post
Yeah I know it seems tough and it is a shame that idiots always ruin things for everyone that includes the many good youngsters and the older people that are just trying to live their lives.
From my experience when ever I was called to group/gang related disorder, when the police get there all the youths are instantly good as gold and know nothing about what has been going on....members of the public that called the police are often and understandably too afraid to identify offenders or get involved to support any prosecution and so they get away with it.
Thats why I think that curfew and anti gathering laws are those circumstances they youths are commiting an offence just by being there and can so be dealt with by the police without having to involve the public as witnesses. It does sound harsh but some times needs must.

I know what you mean, although from experience you should know that some of society's less enthusiastic will rebel. I try not to be around kids who make trouble, but I do have a couple of friends who are pretty stupid. One of the trouble kids i know is named Josiah; he goes on things that are nick named "Beer Runs". While he had a broken collar bone, he: walked into a liquor store, looked the clerks in the eyes, graps a 30 (or so pack) of beer, smiles and says "I GOT YOUR BEER" and runs off...

Well, It didn't all end there, after he ran about 1/4th of a mile, he goes to OUR high school (James Madison High) and starts selling the shit 2 bucks a can. All the while a cop is searching for him; The same cop who he evaded with the beer along the path to Madison high.

i guess where I'm going with this is that, putting all kids on lock down wont stop all of It. The more intimidated will sit when told, but will only piss off the ones who don't give a shit. Plus the more strict rules may make stray out of line every now and again.

btw I live in California San Diego(the only bad thing we have here is the drug addicts)
theres minor problems, I'm NOT being rascist here BUT the Mexicans who call them selves "Gehtto Thug Border Hoppers" ARE causing ALOT of trouble they think thatthey can rule It all.

(im a fourth mexican [not rasist])
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Old 26 November 2008, 21:29   #42
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Yeah dammit45 I understand you about gangs. Here in Quebec, Montreal North is filled with these black Haitian gangs that threaten everybody's that non-black.

There's a town about 15 minutes of where I live called Boisbriand. There's a Hissidic Jewish ''Community'' there (they call it a community, but believe me it looks more like an enclave) and if you are not Jewish and go through there you get run after, thrown stuff on, anything to get you out of there. They have absolutely no bilingual signs, which is an infraction here in Quebec; everything is written in Hebrew. As a proud bilingual Canadian, I'm not racist but I believe that I should be able to take a fucking walk anywhere I go without having the fear of being beaten or SHOT by somebody or a group of people of foreign nationality. So fuck all the immigrants who come here just to fuck people and create bad neighborhoods. Our governement is much too soft in that domain.
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Old 26 November 2008, 21:52   #43
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Yeah, i know what your saying IModIntel. We are WAY to easy on immigrants in California. I just wish people would stop being concerned about rights and straighten there crap out.

We have a Jewish community here, but mostly there the ones getting harassed. People of all ages here still think its fun to beat up on people because their different. Not too long ago i got a milk shake thrown at me from a car window; the people who did it said something about skating being better (i was on a bike).
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Old 13 January 2009, 12:45   #44
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uncontrolled population growth + the dumbing down of society = more people suffering hard times, which of course = more violent crime. most of these kids aren't simply killing for the thrill of it, they are desperate people with no few options.

as for the bikers, they are still every bit as bloodthirsty as any other gang you can name and many of them will kill you over something as simple as making eye-contact. they are still out here working large segments of the crime community and still killing people over money, believe it, they are not a lesser evil by any means, just a smaller faction.
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Old 31 January 2009, 05:13   #45
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Ill have to agree with the fact that Cannabis does not tend to make some one more violent,

and the only reason its linked to psychosis is because its a hallucinogen

I smoke weed, Im not a violent person, while im on the stuff I tend to over imagine things that happen but im no more violent than i am sober,

Violence among Influence by drugs and alcohol is ussualy based on the person

happy or angry drunks, my friends a a violent drunk because while hes sober hes a pissed off little kid,

I was raised believing that no one should under go harm,

and no influence will change my mind.
(ive done cocaine, extacy, alcohol, cannabis, heroin, and maybe more)

but I've only do alcohol and cannibis more than once, I should realy stop experimenting tho

curiosity killed the cat and all that
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Old 14 February 2009, 17:14   #46

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I think a massive dose of chlorine in the gene pool would sort things out.
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Old 26 February 2009, 16:17   #47
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While I agree street crime in certain cities is bad, even here where i live which isnt a huge city ive been jumped before while walking down the street, luckly im a pretty big guy so they did not get anything but it really takes away from your enjoyment of the city and limits your freedom which i think is wrong.

However, this isnt a new thing, things have actually calmed down since yesterday's, back in the older ages things were 100x worse, if you werent off fighting a war then you were just trying to saurvive and thugs were the least of your worries as your own government or church would kill you even faster if they felt like it.

So yes, i agree violence today is bad, but its not as bad as it was, which isnt saying that its good because i agree that something needs to be done about it.

I have a theory on it actually, the people doing this, all the thugs and gangbangers are the ones having the most kids because of constant uprotected sex so their slowly outbreeding us.

Has anyone ever seen idiocracy? good movie
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Old 28 February 2009, 02:23   #48
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Yeah, I see what you mean there,

PLUS smaller towns are more like families, and when you move their your the stranger.

and YES ILLITERACY is a horrible thing which causes crime

I try not to be stupid, but it doesn't always work out, but it did make me a less violent person
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Old 9 March 2011, 14:29   #49

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In 1976 I joined the US Army. I returned home to visit after about a year and half. I went to some of the places that I used to hang out. One of my Dav hang out was now the hang out for my friends younger brother and sisters. It didn't take me long to figure out that they made my old friend and myself look like a group of law bidding kids, this really wasn't the case. I thought then that these kids were really going to be a bigger problem later on in life. Well I left and went to Germany and lived there for 20 year. I got home sick and came back in 2002. Not only did those kid get out of control but they now had grown kids and they are even worse. I can only come to one conclusion and that is over time parent lost the right to discipline the kids. In my time as a youth not only did my dad and mother discipline me, my uncle, aunts. Trust me. there wasn't one time that I got disciplined that didn't work hard at earning it. I was even picked up by the police one time. They didn't bother taking me to the Cop shop, they took me home, informed my dad that they caught me with a case of beer. Both police officer stood there and watch my dad beat my Butt. There comment was that I would remember this better then being arrested. Well they were right! Had thing been then as they are now. My dad would more then likely be in jail and the two police officers would be fired. I know that abuse was then and is still a problem. But some kids need there butts spanked and taught discipline. But now if you look at your kids the wrong way its grounds to have you put in jail and marked as a child abuser.
I did things back in my youth that could have gotten me put into jail for along time. But at lease old people could walk down the street with out fear of me and my friends mugging them. None of us drove down the street shooting up a hole block trying to kill some one. Kids now days cry abuse even with mom and dad tell them that they can't go running around with there friend. As I stated be for, I earned the discipline my dad dish out to me in my youth. It made me a better person, and if I get a wild hair up my A**. I remember what my dad might do to me. My dad past 14 years ago but I might have to deal with his ghost, not a good thing! I love my parents for doing and raising me the way they did. I know now that had they not done this, I would have been a dangerous person.
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Old 14 March 2011, 00:59   #50
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I blame Gangsta Rap and Hiphop culture that is brainwashing Youth now a days in Mexico, before all that there were barely any assasinations or shootings, yeah sure... there has always been crime, but never like it is today... just when the whole "ghetto" thing arrived in the late 90s kids started acting like fucking morons, they go out in the streets beating the crap out of anyone who dares to cross their fucking street, some times they just shoot people just for looking at them. Kids think that if you get to 11Yrs you MUST join a Cholo Gang, when they turn 14Yrs they MUST have killed at least 5 people to be considered "Vato loco".

All i see in the TV are things related to Reggaeton (which is a preppy spinoff of Cholos) Gangsta Rap, Chicano Hip Hop, Fatass Sluts that Shake their ass HIDEOUSLY, Fast Ubber Expensive Cars and Bling Bling, thats all i see in the damn TV now a days, either Music, Video Games, TV series and Movies.

On the "Grownup" side "BANDA" or "GRUPERA" Music, fucking Rancheros with Hat which have a super primitive Music that 80% of the Mexicans listen to, this type of music apart from being HIDEOUS all they talk is about Fucking a Married Woman, Norteño Drug Dealing, Killing the rival Cartel, Treating women as Objects, and sometimes about just about Silly stuff like "el mono de alambre" things that have no MEANING at all but they seem to sound "catchy" to them.

I think what motivates people is Music, and since there is so much Crappy and Violent music now a days, this is what is being hardcodded into Youth Minds now a days.

There is some Crap in Metal too, like Black, Death, Brutal, PornoGrind, Gore Metal, that for me is Totally RETARDED, fucking morons pretending to be really really Evil, Brutal or Satanic, but when they see a Cholo they hide like little pussies, and that my friends... is just LAME.
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