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Additional members of the GeForce 7 family?
Additional members of the GeForce 7 family? Published on May 10th, 2006

Today we had the chance to speak with a very reliable, unofficial source who is very familiar with some of Nvidia's plans. The same source gave us some news regarding additional members of the GeForce 7 family. Since this source is unofficial, consider the following information as a rumor. So here is what we have heard:

GeForce 7900 GS
According to our source, Nvidia is planning to extend the 7900 family with a GS member. Like the other GS products, it will be a bit slower then the GT. We still don't know if it will be released to the AGP market like the 7800GS or to PCI Express. Update: PCI-Express after all

GeForce 7600 GTX
I've been very surprised to hear about a GTX version of the 7600 series. Nvidia did very well with their 6600 series, and it seems that the new successor, the 7600 will get its own GTX version. As it sounds, we guess it will be faster then the 7600 GT.

GeForce 7600 LE
The LE version seems to be the slowest member of the 7600 series. So we can guess that it will also be the cheapest version. Update: Our source is not sure about the 7600LE.

GeForce 7300 GT
This one is already confirmed and the media reported about it today. I guess you already have all the details about it. According to the other websites, the release date for the 7300 GT is the 15th of May. According to our source, it will not be based on G73 but on the G72. Correction: The GeForce 7300 GT will be based on G73 after all.

Remember! All this information is based on an unofficial source so we can't make sure it's 100% accurate but this same source has never failed us in the past so who knows.

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