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Realtek Audio Driver Vs. nVidia Audio Driver


Two different makes of drivers are available for the Realtek ALC onboard audio chips. Today we are putting them both inside the ring for a head to head battle. Are you ready to find out which one is suitable for you? If the answer is yes then read on.


The Realtek ALC onboard audio chips are very popular among motherboard manufacturers. The ALC chips became even more popular when nVidia decided to integrate them into the nForce series. In the past nVidia added the Dolby encoder to some of the onboard chips and named it "SoundStorm". Unfortunately nVidia decided not to continue this due to the big fees they had to pay to Dolby Laboratories.

Both Realtek and nVidia provide different drivers for the ALC products. The main difference between the Realtek driver and the nVidia is the Dolby encoder support for the SoundStorm series. In this article you will find out that the Dolby encoder support isnt the key difference between the both drivers.


Realtek Audio Driver v3.72a
Package size is 11.6 Megabyte.

The installation went smooth without any issue.

nVidia Audio Driver v4.62
The latest nVidia driver in their website is the v4.57 which doesnt include an installer and control panel.
You have to install the v4.57 manually from the device manager. Kinda sloppy if you ask me.

The only way to obtain the v4.62 is from the latest leaked nForce drivers.

The installation went smooth without any issues.

Control Panel:

Realtek Audio Driver v3.72a

Realtek has added a small logo of the motherboard manufacturer inside the Realtek control panel. The control panel includes:

* Equalizer and Environment effects.
* Speaker configurations.
* 3D Audio demo.
* General information..
* SPDIF controller.
* Jack sensing (UAJ) - Universal Audio Jack, allows you to adjust the jacks function. With UAJ it doesnt matter where you plug the speaker devices.
* Microphone background noise suppress.

nVidia Audio Driver v4.62
nVidia Control panel is named nVmixer and has the following features:

* Volume mixer.
* Equalizer.
* Speaker configuration, Speaker Wizard, Custom speaker volume range.
* Environment effects.
* General Information.
* Advanced and Firewall settings (Hidden features)

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