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Tagan Icy Box IB-3218 Enclosure Review
Published on September 15th, 2008

Today we have the chance to look at the Icy Box IB-3218 external enclosure. What makes this enclosure different from so many others? Well his enclosure supports two SATA hard drives across a single USB 2.0 cable unlike many that only have room for one. Our thanks go out to Tagan for providing us with this review sample; they also make some interesting cases and power supplies. The contents consist of the Icy Box enclosure, backup software, driver CD, a USB cable, a small external power supply and a rather limited manual. The CD offers a USB driver for those users still stuck in Windows 98 world along with FNet PCClone EX Lite backup software.

Installation was very straight forward we just had to remove two screws from the bottom of the unit so that the internals could slide out and house our SATA hard drive. The unit will support two drives but for our testing we only had one drive available to us. The drive just slides into place and connects to the provided ports for power and data transfer. The image that follows shows a drive in the tray, and where to secure the drive by using two screws on each side of the drive.

To test the speed of the Icy Box enclosure we fired up HD Tach and HD Tune which are two commonly used disk benchmarking tools. First we ran HD Tach and after running both the quick and long test we achieved pretty much identical results. Our burst speeds were 35.2 MB/sec on the quick test and 36.3 MB/sec on the long test. CPU utilization was very low between 3 and 4 percent; the random access time was just over 15ms and the average read speeds for both tests we 34.9 MB/sec

click for full size

HD Tune was next up and we used it to compare read and write times with both a 64MB file as well as a 512MB file. Both test produced almost identical results as shown in the image below. All things considered the Icy Box enclosure has produced rather impressive numbers for a USB drive enclosure.

click for full size

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