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Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler Review
Published on February 29th, 2008

For some time Intel has dominated the processors market. When we thought AMD was going to change that, we were often disappointed with the latest released Phenom series. Intel's Core 2 family is still ruling, especially the Quad Core Q6600 G0 that so many enthusiasts like. The Core 2 family is not just faster, but also a great overclocker unlike AMD's new Phenom. The majority of the Core 2 family can be overclocked up to 3-4 GHz quite easily! Even a low-budget energy saving processor like the E2140 can be overclocked well beyond its original clock speeds. If you wish to achieve decent overclocking results, you will need a good CPU cooler to deal with the job. You need the best equipment to make your processor fly; and that's why we are here today.

In October 2007 we had the chance to test Thermaltake's DuOrb VGA Cooler. Thermaltake is no doubt one of the biggest manufacturers in the market. They have coolers for most everything. CPU Coolers, VGA Coolers, RAM Coolers and even chipset coolers. And if their typical coolers are not enough for you, they have great water-cooling kits available as well. I still have a Thermaltake AMD K6 CPU Cooler somewhere, and it's still fully functional. They don't just make coolers; they also have some quality power supplies along with some really beautiful, but expensive cases.

If you read our DuOrb VGA Cooler review, then you know why they called it the DuOrb. If you didn't, then the name DuOrb is because of its Dual fans (Du). Apparently, the masses were very happy with the Thermaltake DuOrb VGA Cooler, so much so, they decided to introduce the same idea for CPU cooling. It's been a awhile since Thermaltake introduced a high-end CPU Cooler. In the last few years, many manufacturers have entered the high-end CPU cooling market making competition now more intense than the past. Thermaltake has been hard at work to make their products more attractive and one of these efforts has appeared as the new DuOrb CPU Cooler.

* Extension of DuOrb Cooler Design
* Copper base, Heatpipes and fins
* Six Distinct Designed Heatpipes
* Mirror Coating Copper Base
* Double-Sided Radiant Heatpipes Penetrating Fins
* Blue and Red LED Lights Fans
* Dual 80mm Silent Fans
* Smart Thermal Management

* Intel Socket LGA 775
* AMD Socket AM2 and AM2+

* Dimension: (L) 202mm x (W) 106mm x (H) 86mm
* Base: Copper Base,
* Fins: Copper and Aluminum
* Heatpipes: 6mm x 6pcs
* Fan Dimension: 80mm x 20mm x 2pcs
* Rated Voltage: 12V
* Started Voltage: 5V
* Max. Air Flow: 37.67CFM
* Max. Air Pressure: 1.27mmH2O
* Fan Speed: 2000RPM
* Power Input: 5.04W
* Life Expectation: 50,000 hours
* Noise: 21dBa
* Connector: 3 pin
* Weight: 598g

As soon as I heard Thermaltake was planning to bring the DuOrb to the CPU market; I emailed them and asked them for sample. Fortunately, they agreed to help us, and today we were given the opportunity to test the latest addition to the Orb family the DuOrb CPU Cooler. When I saw the DuOrb CPU Cooler for the first time, I knew it's going to be a monster due to its dual fan design and its copper-based structure. So the question is, is it a good monster, or an evil one? Join us as we review this product.

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