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Everglide g-1000 Mouse Review
Published on October 25th, 2006

Today we are testing a new mouse from a new company. If you're a gamer, you might have heard of Everglide because they are targeting gamers mostly. Everglide is known for their mouse skates and mouse pads. Now, however, they have come up with a new mouse. Like the other products, this mouse is being targeted specifically for gamers. It's pretty amazing to see how the gaming market is advancing. In the past manufacturers released a simple mouse, but now it's all optical and laser and being aimed for the gamer's needs.

Everglide is based in San Diego, California. They are mainly focused on gaming equipment. The company was founded at 1997 and their first product was a mouse pad for gamers. In 2005, they increased their product line. Recently, they introduced a new mouse, keyboard and headphones intended mostly for gamers. They are pretty well known among serious gamers already.

The g-1000 Gamer's Mouse
The g-1000 is their latest mouse and the company provided us with it especially for this review. The g-1000 is an optical mouse with resolution up to 1600 DPI. However, the resolution is adjustable and you can toggle between 400/800/1600 DPI as you wish. It has 7 buttons and a pretty nice list of specifications. So, how does this mouse perform? Is it any good? Good questions! But you need to read this entire review to find out. Or should I say it in your language - "Go, Go, Go!"

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