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Computex 2006: Day 5
Computex 2006: Day 5 Published on June 21th, 2006

Here we are, at the 5th and last day of Computex. Today we are providing the most interesting news from many of the top companies such as: AMD, Asustek, PowerColor, Albatron, Scythe, AeroCool and Jetway. In addition to this, we have some cool pictures and things to show you. So make sure and read our last day coverage of Computex 2006. Not just because this is the last article, you will see things you won't see anywhere else. Without further ado, we start with AMD. Their booth was small compared to Intel, as you can see in the pictures below.

As you have probably anticipated, AMD was disappointing to say the least. Despite the introduction of AM2, they really didn't bring anything new to the table. Compared to Intel their new architecture is somewhat lackluster. Their most impressive exhibit was a Quad-SLI rig running with the new AM2 socket, and that's exactly where the logo for this article originated. This system was running BattleField 2, and when I saw it I instinctively put my bag and camera down and started spamming "Enemy boat spotted!" in the game until everyone was staring at me. Here are the pictures:

I really had higher expectations from AMD. I couldn't find anything special to write about, and when I tried to approach their booth staff, I didn't receive any consideration. Taking into account their overall response to the press its hard to believe they just released a new platform. For example, when they initially released AM2, they only provided a very small amount of samples, (15?) to the entire world-wide media. The media didn't like the fact that only a few chosen websites/magazines received samples for review. Taking a page from Intel's book on marketing strategy perhaps? In case you haven't been keeping track, there are very few Conroe previews out there as well, despite the fact that Intel is on the verge of releasing it.

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