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Computex 2006: Day 1
Computex 2006: Day 1 Published on June 6th, 2006

The weather here in Taipei is pretty weird, it's really hot here. Despite this, there is also a massive amount of rain (?). The prices are extremely low, and the majority of the population either ride bikes or drive taxis. A few people wear strange masks on their faces (Afraid of Bird Flu possibly?). Speaking of roads, people here drive like MANIACS! Everyone passes each either in a very strange way, and a lot of strange things happen on these roads.

The people are friendly, and Computex has finally started today. Just in time, as our patience has finally reached its limit. Many looked forward to it, and others worked really hard to make it happen. Computex is not just about hardware and technology, its also about meeting people, and if your lucky, attending parties. In our area, we know a lot of people, and have met friends from the internet that we have been working with for years.

Computex is opening a rift in the computer-to-computer barrier. Personally, I've had quite a few meetings, and have had a lot of fun making new friends today. However, all these actions took up a lot of my time. The media has come here from all over the world, so much information is being delivered directly to the global audience. Today we decided to make few changes in this article; since so many websites/magazines have already published the same headlines, I would guess you don't want see the same stuff over again, so we had to look for some more unique stuff. But this time - We're starting with the chicks! Yeah! Chicks! Chicks! I tell you!

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