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More details about the GeForce 7950GX2
More details about the GeForce 7950GX2 Published on May 24th, 2006

You probably remember the Dual GPU solutions from Asus and Gigabyte. A single board with two GPUs like the 3D1 and 7800GT Dual Card. You probably already know that the GeForce 7950GX2 will be a single board with two G71 GPUs clocked at 500MHz, with memory at 1200MHz. Nvidia used their mobile design to reduce the power consumption but that is all old news by now. According to some OEMs, the 7950GX2 is supposed to be the new performance king. Not just for Quad SLI, it can also be a problem due to Nvidia's SLI chipset licensing. We've learned that the release date was supposed to be earlier then the end of May. Some manufacturers actually uploaded a 7950GX2 manual a month ago.

According to our sources, the reason for the first delay was software issues with Quad SLI, and the 7900GX2 reviews. Nvidia probably also wanted people to forget about the Quad SLI beating from the media on their first attempt. They scheduled it for release at the end of May, and then we heard about another delay. According to the press, it was because of some OEM related issues, but we believe it to be something else. The estimated release date is the 6th of June; you know what happens on that date? The biggest computers show in the world. That's right, I'm talking about Computex 2006. That event will be covered by press from all around the world, and we believe that Nvidia jumped on the opportunity to release their new product at the right stage to promote it; you can expect them to show it off everywhere at Computex. We also noticed that Giga-byte already listed it in their product showcase few weeks ago.

On the 6th of June you will probably be able to see some reviews; I bet a lot of reviewers will not like it because they will have to be at Computex at the same time. Some reviewers will get one 7950GX2 card to show its performance against SLI. The important media will probably receive two cards to show its Quad SLI performance. And for us, we will get nothing (as usual).

The most interesting part will be how ATi will react to the 7950GX2. We already heard about a possible Quad Crossfire card. Will we see it at Computex? Will ATi be able to surprise us and to ruin Nvidia's 7950GX2 launch? Only time will tell.

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