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Creative X-Fi Scandal - Round 2
Creative X-Fi Scandal - Round 2 Published on May 16th, 2006

Two weeks ago we published an article about Creative X-Fi issues. Here is what's going on: We have received a lot of positive comments about that article. Recently, we have noticed that this article encouraged Creative's customers to speak up and complain about the treatment they are receiving. Some people think that we have been unfair with Creative Labs, so about a week ago, we sent emails to Creative Labs's PR in all regions (Asia, Europe and America) and asked for an explanation regarding all these issues, along with the following questions:

* Why have you not tested your products with as many combinations of systems as possible before you released said products to the market?
* What do you think about this petition?
* Why is it taking you so long to provide software updates? Can you give us an exact date, week, or even the year for when the next driver will be released? Your competitors are releasing software updates every few weeks. Are you going to change the frequency of your software updates in the future?
* Why is Linux still unsupported?
* Why is it taking you so much time to fix all these issues?
* Why can't users find information regarding these nForce issues on your website?
* What will you do to avoid these kinds of issues in the future?
* Do you have anything to say to the public?

You will not be surprised to hear that no one replied to our email. We know that they read the article but they were probably too afraid to answer any of our questions. So we have now added “PR issues” to the current list of problems (which gets bigger and bigger).

A few users have started a petition demanding Creative Labs provide better support. Not everyone suffers from X-Fi issues, but there are many users that do. You have the power to help them, you have the power to force Creative Labs to provide better support for its customers. All you have to do in order to help, is sign this petition if you agree with our position. The miniscule amount of time it will take to fill out this petition pales in comparison to the lasting effects that it could bring.      

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