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ATi Radeon X1900 Preview
ATi Radeon X1900 Family Preview Published on January 24th, 2006

On January 24, 1848, a valuable item was unearthed by New Jersey prospector James Marshall whilst trying to repair a large mill wheel. That item turned out to be gold, and the Great California Gold Rush was born.

Fast forward 158 years to the current day, in fact TODAY, and another important discovery is being unearthed on this date - ATI's X1900 line of video cards. Unfortunately we didn't receive a review sample, so instead of publishing benchmarks this preview is instead going to focus on the technologies behind X1900 and how they differ from, and improve upon, those of X1800 (rest assured we will be posting a full review, packed to the brim with benchmarks, as soon as we get an X1900 in our hot little hands!).

X1900 comes in three flavors - the XTX (MSRP $649), XT (MSRP $549), and Crossfire (MSRP $599) editions. Architecturally the X1900XTX and XT are the same; the only difference between these two cards is the speed of both core and memory. The flagship X1900XTX is clocked at 650 MHz for the core and 1.55 GHz for the memory, while the X1900XT is clocked just slightly slower at 625 MHz for the core and 1.45 GHz for the memory.

Both X1900 cards contain over 380 million transistors, 16 pixel pipelines, and 48 pixel shader processors which is three times the number of shaders in X1800. The X1900 is able to combine all of the key innovations of the Radeon X1000 series (such as Ultra-Threading, HDR with Anti-Aliasing, image quality improvements, and Avivo video & display technologies) with massively increased shader processing power, and other interesting new features like Fetch4 shadow map acceleration.

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