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GeForce 7800GS is a fact, not a rumor.
GeForce 7800GS is a fact, not a rumor. Published on October 22th, 2005

Some of you may doubt our sources, so to clear it up and to prove the reliability of our sources; we decided to post more details about this subject. NVIDIA stores a lot of information inside their drivers. Some of it can be found in their Setup information file (nv4_disp.inf). But some of their product's information is also stored inside the Control Panel file (nvcpl.dll).

To view this information you will need a disassembler. For this task you can download an evaluation copy of PE Explorer. After you have installed PE Explorer, you will need Forceware 81.85 Beta. After you have downloaded them please extract them to a new directory. Once you have extracted the files you have to expand the file nvcpl.dl_. To expand it you have to type “expand nvcpl.dl_ -r” from the Command Prompt in the folder that you have extracted the files to.

Launch PE Explorer and open the file “nvcpl.dll”. Click on the “Tools” tab and pick “Disassembler” and then “Start Now”. It will take few seconds but when it's done press on CTRL+F and type inside “7800_GS” and then Enter. You should now see the GeForce 7800GS entry, if you will scroll up or down you will notice that entire NVIDIA's product line is being listed there.

You may also find G73 there as well. To remind you that NVIDIA's is not adding support for imaginary products. If it's listed there then you should expect to see it some time in the future. Talking about drivers, I would recommend that you to check out our latest modified Forceware drivers. The NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver is a tweaked version of the NVIDIA Forceware drivers. The main purpose is to satisfy the users with better performance and image quality. It seems that my work here is done, Back to Quake 4 now.

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