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Microsoft Demos Windows 10 Technical Preview
Posted by Regeneration on 1 October 2014, 07:04 - 0 Comments

A recording of Microsoft's press conference held September 30th, 2014 in San Francisco, where the company shared details of its new direction and roadmap with Windows 10, along with a demo of an early preview of the new... [Read More]
SanDisk Launches X300 SSD
Posted by Regeneration on 1 October 2014, 06:56 - 0 Comments

SanDisk has announced the availability of the SanDisk X300 solid-state drive (SSD). The SanDisk X300 SSD leverages the latest advancements in X3 technology to deliver a great user experience with high-performance, while utilizing robust error-correction to increase reliability and provide peace of mind for today's CIOs. SanDisk's new client SSD also includes an improved SSD Dashboard, which... [Read More]
Windows 10 Technical Preview Screenshots
Posted by Regeneration on 1 October 2014, 06:18 - 0 Comments

Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows. Windows 10 unlocks new experiences for customers to work, play and connect. Windows 10 adapts to the devices customers are using - from Xbox to PCs and phones to tablets and tiny gadgets - and what they're doing with a consistent, familiar and compatible experience, enabling even greater productivity.
[Read More]
Windows 10 Technical Preview Quick Tour
Posted by Regeneration on 30 September 2014, 18:47 - 4 Comments

Watch Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of the Operating Systems group at Microsoft, talk about some of the features in Windows 10, like the new Start menu, multiple desktops, and improved multi-tasking.
Microsoft Announces Windows 10
Posted by Regeneration on 30 September 2014, 18:32 - 7 Comments

Microsoft has unveiled its next Windows operating system, Windows 10, and gave a first look at an early technical preview for the PC available October 1st. The announcement highlighted advancements designed for business, including an updated user experience and enhanced security and management capabilities. The company also introduced the Windows Insider Program, kicking off its largest-ever open... [Read More]
Ubisoft Launches Might & Magic Heroes Online
Posted by Regeneration on 30 September 2014, 17:47 - 0 Comments

Ubisoft today announced that Might & Magic Heroes Online has officially launched in English-speaking countries. English-speaking players will now have access to the fully localised free-to-play online role-playing game developed by Blue Byte by signing up on this page.

During the limited beta earlier this year, Might & Magic Heroes Online introduced a multitude of new features including siege battles, forgotten site... [Read More]
AMD Catalyst 14.9
Posted by Regeneration on 30 September 2014, 15:04 - 1 Comments

AMD has released a new version of its Catalyst software suite. This particular software suite updates both the AMD Display Driver, and the Catalyst Control Center. This unified driver has been further enhanced to provide the highest level of power, performance, and reliability. The AMD Catalyst software suite is the ultimate in performance and stability.

... [Read More]
Windows 9 Will Be Free To Windows 8 Owners
Posted by Regeneration on 30 September 2014, 10:43 - 1 Comments

A report from Indonesian online publication Detik said earlier this week that Andreas Diantoro, President of Microsoft Indonesia, has confirmed that Windows 9 (aka Windows Threshold) will be available free of charge to all existing Windows 8 users once it's released. Apparently, users will be able to easily install the Windows 9 update after downloading it from Microsoft.

It's not... [Read More]
Lab Test: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Bending Issue
Posted by Regeneration on 30 September 2014, 09:45 - 2 Comments

Following the media reports about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bending, Consumer Reports turned to science and stress-tested six smartphones to discover the truth. See which phones withstood the most force before permanently... [Read More]
Intel RealSense SDK
Posted by Regeneration on 30 September 2014, 08:24 - 0 Comments

Intel RealSense Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows is now available. Supported usages include gesture, hand and finger tracking, speech recognition, facial analysis, and augmented reality. Take full advantage of Intel RealSense 3D camera with these 2014 SDK capabilities. Using the SDK and the new camera, you can create truly new user experiences to help differentiate your application.[Read More]
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